Slaying Goliath



Slaying Goliath is about becoming the person God has created and called you to be. It brings to life eleven practical principles from the story of David and Goliath that are time-tested truths for taking small goals and turning them into grand adventures. These simple but powerful principles are game changers in empowering you to pursue the life and purpose God created you for. There’s nothing more rewarding in life than experiencing the enriching journey you were created to live. In Slaying Goliath you will learn:

  • How to channel your greatest weaknesses into becoming your greatest strengths;
  • How to overcome the challenges that most often prevent us from accepting the giants God might be calling us to slay;
  • How to build monuments of victory to keep you encouraged and focused when the going gets tough;
  • How to identify the giants God might be calling you to slay;
  • How to set long-term goals to pursue the Goliaths God is calling you to;
  • How to begin that pursuit with the simple tools already at your disposal;
  • And many other principles that will prove useful in your pursuit of the life God created you for.

The biblical principles highlighted in Slaying Goliath will prove to be a lifelong investment in your spiritual growth and the rewards of embracing God’s unique journey for you. It is interwoven with practical application and illustrative examples from the Bible and Joseph’s personal life that will help you take these simple principles and put them to work in your life in a powerful way.