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Bible Verses About Predestination and Election - New Testament “And he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect […]


Welcome to the Live Fearless Blog

Over the years my blog has evolved as I continue to learn and grow in my relationship with Jesus. But my objective has always remained the same:

To encourage, equip and empower others to live out a fearless faith in Jesus Christ.

What to expect?

  • Biblical teachings for spiritual growth
  • Personal stories from myself and others celebrating fearless living
  • Guest posts featuring other people, ministries and movements and the cool things they’re doing
  • The occasional biblical insight on certain current events
  • Updates on my work in ministry and any new projects

I’m currently transitioning to more discussions highlighting the acts of the Holy Spirit in other people’s lives and ministries.

Celebrating Jesus in others glorifies God and brings us closer together as members of His body.

So if you enjoy hearing about the cool things God is doing in others you’ll enjoy the new content coming soon.

No Spammy Emails

No need to worry about your inbox being blown up with routine emails.

Most successful bloggers say consistent and prolific content is what people want. I disagree.

Regardless of how little I write, the Live Fearless Blog continues to grow every month. And all organically at that.

This isn’t a “come and be fed the secrets of fearless living” type of blog.

I prefer quality content over prolific content. I only write or share when I feel led to or am inspired by something.

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God is good.