Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Maybe you have already written a book and are ready to publish it but don’t have any idea where to begin. What does it take to get published? Traditional publishers and vanity press publishers like to shroud the publishing process in as much mystery as possible. They want you to think you need their help to become a published author. But you don’t! I learned this the hard way.

This free book tells you everything you need to know!

Jump start your journey to self-publishing with this short 45-page book. You will learn:

  • How I published my first two books and started Your Voice Creations with less than $600.
  • The four stages of the publishing process. (Write, edit, design, print.)
  • The difference between a vanity press and a true self-publishing company and why it’s important.
  • How to affordably outsource parts of the publishing process.
  • Information on additional resources you can use to do more in-depth research about the publishing process on your own.

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