I want to give you a gift!

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Maybe you have already written a book and are ready to publish it but don’t have any idea where to begin. What does it take to get published? Traditional publishers and vanity press publishers like to shroud the publishing process in as much mystery as possible. They want you to think you need their help to become a published author. But you don’t! I learned this the hard way.

This free book tells you everything you need to know!

Understanding the Publishing Process tells you everything the aspiring author needs to know to get started on the journey of self-publishing. Jump start your journey to self-publishing with this short 45-page book. It is a compressed version of six months worth of research. It’s nothing you can’t learn on your own and that is why I’m offering it to you for free!

You will learn how I published my first two books with less than $600 and absolutely no help from anyone. When trying to publish my first book I found no simple and straightforward breakdown of the publishing process like this. Those who know these trade secrets of the publishing process only want to give them to you in bits and pieces. If they gave them to you as simply as I have here then you would realize you don’t need them to get your book published. Their business is dependent on the aspiring author’s lack of knowledge about the publishing process.

The four stages of publishing

There are four basic stages of the publishing process:

1. Write
2. Edit
3. Design
4. Print

Understanding the Publishing Process provides an easy to follow seven-point step-by-breakdown of these four stages. In each step of Understanding the Publishing Process, you will be given information on the basic resources most independent publishers use to fulfill that part of the publishing process. You will also receive information on additional resources you can use to do more in-depth research about the publishing process on your own.

You don’t have to do it alone

Although you can do it on your own, you don’t have to. Self-publishing is not for everyone. It can be a little overwhelming at times. In Understanding the Publishing Process you will learn two things that will be of great benefit to you if you decide not to do this on your own:

1. The difference between a vanity press and a true self-publishing company.
2. How to affordably outsource parts of the publishing process.

Hiring a publisher is honestly the best option sometimes. But you don’t want to do so without a basic understanding of the publishing process. There are a lot of “self-publishing” companies out there that prey on naive writers. These are known as a vanity press. Then there are independent publishers who genuinely want to help writers and authors. It is important to be able to distinguish between the two if you are going to hire a publisher to handle the publishing process for you.

Why would I give you this free book?

As an independent publisher myself I’ve been advised by others not to write this book at all. Much less give it away? It’s kind of hard to build a publishing company when you’re telling people, “Hey, I’d love to publish your book but you can really do it without me. And I’ll give you everything you need to do it for free!” It’s honestly not the best business model.

But before I was a publisher and a businessman, I was a writer. And as a writer, I wish I had been able to find something like this when I was trying to find out what it takes to become a published author. When I finally found out how easy it is to publish myself I was infuriated by all the publishers, publishing coaches, and even authors that I had talked to throughout the months of my research. I realized that all along these people knew how easy it is. But they never gave me the full scoop on what it takes to get a book in print because they wanted to profit from my lack of knowledge.

Thus, as a writer, this is my gift to you from one writer to another. As a publisher, I have no desire to build a business that capitalizes on the ignorance of others. That just seems wholly unethical to me. I want to empower my clients and not just convince them to write me check. And knowledge is power. I believe that helping my clients to fully understand how this process works both empowers them and me to work together as partners. And that is a good business model.

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