I Got to Meet Lecrae!

IMG_20171102_164620_700Thursday, November 2, 2017. All Things Work Together Tour. Regency Ballroom. San Francisco, CA. This is a late post but I still have to post about one of the most epic days of my life. Even if it was over a week ago.

I was raised by rap. Not with rap or listening to rap. But by rap. Rap had a huge impact in shaping the way I saw the world and respond Specifically by what used to be known as “gangster rap.” (I don’t know if it is still called that or if that is even still a genre in the secular rap world because we all know now that real gangsters don’t rap about their illegal exploits.) Biggie Smalls, 2-Pac, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Ludacris, Master P, No Limit Soldiers, NWA, Snoop Dogg. Those were my role models when I was a growing up.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep listening to that kind of music when I got serious about allowing my faith to transform my life. Lecrae was the first Christian artist I discovered when I decided not to listen to the music that glorified the life I was trying to leave behind. I got on YouTube and did a search for “Christian rap” and his music video for “Just Like You” was one of the first ones to pop up.

That was December 2011. I’ve been hooked ever since. His music and his journey have had a huge impact building my faith and inspiring me to pursue the dreams God has given me. All my close friends know I always listen to music while I’m writing. It was Lecrae’s album, Anomaly, that I played on repeat while writing Slaying GoliathI have always wanted to see him live but had never been able to until this tour.

Not only was I able to go. But I was blessed to be able to get VIP tickets and had the chance to meet him, hug him, chop it up with him and take a selfie with him. (As you’ve already seen. LOL) It was the coolest thing ever. And the concert was so lit! I was really nervous about the concert because I’ve only been to two other concerts in my life and I struggle with anxiety around large crowds. (I know, really weird for a preacher.)  Just the week before the Lecrae concert I was blessed to be able to go to the Poets In Autumn Tour. Which was awesome. But I had an anxiety attack the second we walked into the crowded church where it was being hosted.

I wasn’t sure how I would do at a hip-hop concert where people are turning up and getting krunk. But the atmosphere was one of family coming together for a celebration. And not just fans coming to see a show. It was so much fun. And I met some pretty cool people. The best part was that I thought I went to see a show and meet Lecrae and I ended up being ministered to. Throughout the whole show I couldn’t help but think about all the criticism Lecrae is coming under and these people don’t even realize he is out here ministering at these shows. We went to church that night for sure. I left feeling rejuvenated.

I’m so grateful for all the people like Lecrae who are willing to endure such heavy and unwarranted criticism to inspire dreamers like me who need a little inspiration from time to time to keep us going. We don’t realize the cross they have to bear but we’re so willing to throw our stones at them and nail them to our crosses. I couldn’t help but laugh after I saw the picture I took with him. Some people will look at this picture and say he’s throwing up some kind of devil worshiping gang sign invented by the Illuminati. I don’t know what the deal is with this sign but I don’t think any devil worshipping Illuminati member can minister to an audience of Holy Spirit filled believers the way Lecrae did to us during the show that night.

Anyways, I digress. I don’t care what you think about that. That’s not the purpose of this post. I got to meet Lecrae. This is one for the history books so I had to blog it.

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