Amazed by the Grace of God

As I inch closer and closer to finishing my second book I am more amazed than ever at the grace of God. My second book, Reflections of a Vagabond, Vol. 1: The Story of my Resurrection, is right on schedule to be released May 2018 as planned. In 2016 I set out on this journey to fully surrender myself to God’s calling on my life and chase my dreams for His glory. It’s been a crazy journey so far.

I believe there is a part of me that never really thought I’d see anything good come out of my crazy leap of faith. I’ve become so accustomed to failure I’m surprised to see success. The craziest part is that I expected God to do certain things through this journey but He’s done things far greater than what I expected. All I wanted to do was serve others, serve God, and preach the gospel.

I never expected that this journey would result in lifelong dreams coming true. I never expected that it would result in being a published author and having people around the world reading my books. I never expected that it would produce a publishing company I could use to help others share their stories. I began this journey with only a few hundred dollars and a little faith with no clue where it would lead. Willing to accept whatever God gave me.

The craziest part is, I know this is only the beginning. I know I haven’t really seen anything yet except the tip of the iceberg. Work hard, commit your work to the Lord, dream big for God’s glory and not your own, and watch God work. If you want to know how you can see God do great things with your life then order your copy of Slaying Goliath today. All the fruit I’m seeing in my life right now is a result of putting into practice the things I learned while writing Slaying Goliath. We do not deserve to be used by Him any more than we deserve to be saved by Him. That’s why I’m amazed by His amazing grace as I see the simple things He’s doing with this simple life.

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