It’s Time to Slay

Slaying Goliath Will Stay in Print

Good news! A few weeks ago I ran into some slight complications that I thought were going to force me to take Slaying Goliath out of print until a second edition was ready. I am pleased to announce that it will be able to stay in print and we are ready to take it to the next level. Free autographed copies will be going out in January to those who have already requested them. For everyone else autographed copies will be available for purchase in January. A second edition is still in the works and will be here sometime next year. It’s going to be more interactive and geared more towards small groups.

Getting the Message Out

Slaying Goliath contains a powerful, biblical, life-changing message. I have gotten a ton of positive feedback from those who have already read it or started reading it. If you’re reading this there is a high chance you are someone who is family or a personal friend who has supported this adventure of mine. It is time for us to move past the small picture (me publishing my first book) to the bigger picture (the message of Slaying Goliath).

I didn’t write Slaying Goliath for myself just for the sake of writing a book. I wrote it for it you, your loved ones, for dream chasers and everyday people simply struggling to make it through tomorrow. I wrote it for people like David who look at the Goliaths taunting and threatening the people and things they love and think to themselves, “This giant has to go.”

There truly is no giant too big for your sling and stone. No challenge should stand between where you are now and where God wants to take you. No storm should sink your boat. We all have goals. Big or small. God has created every person with a unique set of desires, skills and weaknesses. He wants people to discover their unique Christ-centered identities, embrace them, and become giant slayers in their own right moving mountains on a daily basis. The purpose of Slaying Goliath is to call out that mountain mover in everyone and equip them with practical biblical tools. There are usually two things that stop us from seeing the goals God has placed in our heart through to fulfillment.

The first, unfortunate life circumstances. Life happens. We aren’t all born into a position where it’s easy to do the things we want to do with our lives. The vast majority of people are forced to overcome overwhelming odds and uncontrollable circumstances to get where they want to be.

The second, the nature of our goals. It is not uncommon for our goals to simply feel too big. Even if we aren’t faced with overwhelming challenges. Before Slaying Goliath publishing a book felt like it’d only ever be a distant dream. Come to find out, it wasn’t that hard at all and now I own a publishing company that can make the dreams of other writers come true also. The irony is that it was literally Slaying Goliath that made this possible. It was the things I learned while writing this book that motivated me to find a way to make this dream come true and showed me how to use the tools available to me to make anything happen.

You have shown your support for me by buying the book. But now I’m asking you to show your support for people you don’t even know by helping me get the message and tools in it to them. There is someone out there right now who is faced with overwhelming challenges that are crippling them and making them feel like they won’t even make it through tomorrow. There is someone out there right now who has some dream that feels too big but could be accomplished with whatever sling and stone they have available to them right now. Slaying Goliath is for these people and you could change their lives by helping a copy get into their hands.

How You Can Help

  1. Buy the book (today) if you haven’t yet. It’s only on $6.20 for another three days.
  2. Order a gift copy for someone else. That was the entire purpose of dropping the price to $6.20 till the 15th. Bless someone you know with a copy.
  3. Leave a review on Amazon. If you’ve already ready the book go leave a review. It doesn’t even have to be a good review. Just leave one. Reviews show that people are actually reading the book. Good reviews show that people are actually enjoying the book. The things you’ve shared with me personally about the book, go to Amazon and share them with there also. Don’t wait. Click here and do it now. You’re already online and it only takes a minute.
  4. Share, share, share. We share the things we love with the people we love. Share the book with friends and family. Give them your copy (or let them borrow it) after you’re done reading it. Recommend it to coworkers. You know someone going through a hard time? Tell them about this great book your friend wrote and how you think it will bless them. You know someone who is a big dreamer… share the book with them. Share on social media too. I’ve include some social media share tools below.

Social Media Share Tools

  • You can screen shot this picture and use it.


  • You can click here and use the Slaying Goliath page on this site.
  • You can click here to use my author page on Amazon or the Amazon book page itself.
  • Or you can just share straight from the book. Post and tweet your favorite quotes from the book, what you enjoyed most about it or something you learned from it.

Contributors Not Consumers

Don’t do this for me. Think about that one person whose life you could help have a huge impact on by simply sharing a good book with them that your friend wrote. We are called to be contributors and not just consumers. Don’t just consume the book, contribute to helping get it’s powerful, life-changing truths into someone else’s hands.

More than that, if you’re reading this then chances are that you and I have a relationship that goes far beyond a consumer-oriented relationship. We have probably laughed together, cried together, worked together, and fought together (or with each other). We have most likely done life together in some form. Even if I don’t know you personally, you are still much more than just a consumer to me. You’re more than just someone I sold a book a too. You are the reason I wrote the book.

Somewhere out there is someone else who is also the reason I wrote the book and they are going to find out about it and be blessed by it because you shared it with them. I’m not trying to create consumers. I’m trying to call out some giant slayers. It’s not about me or a book. It’s about the life God is calling us to. My prayer is that Slaying Goliath will be instrumental in creating contributors. People who are contributing to their families and communities in small and big ways.

This isn’t so much a request as it is an invitation. An invitation to be a part of whatever God wants to do in the lives of others through the simple truths unpacked in Slaying Goliath. Help me help you help someone else. You are a part of the team now. We are family and we’re going to slay some giants in our lives and the lives of others together.