3 Surefire Ways to Steer Through the Foggy Seasons of Life

Seeing Through the Fog

Sometimes our path in life can seem a bit foggy. Or a lot foggy. It sucks trying to navigate dark roads through a thick fog. It sucks even more trying to navigate through a dark world in a thick fog. What do we do when life seems foggy and we can barely see the road in front of us? How do we navigate? How do we stay our course?

The Christian has a big advantage over the non-Christian when it comes to foggy paths – faith. Thanks to our faith we don’t even need to see the path in front of us. When our path seems to be truly foggy it is most likely that we are not having a sight problem but a faith problem. Traveling a foggy path is what it feels like when our strength, perseverance, dedication, motivation and/or joy begin to wane.

Intimacy With God Clears the Fog

There can be several reasons for this. Often the most common is that our intimacy with God begins to lack. It’s not that God is lacking or pulling away from us but vica versa. Sometimes we stray away from the practices that keep us close to God. Such as Bible reading, prayer, corporate worship, etc. We have to be careful about not reducing the Christian life to a “To Do List.” At the same time, we also have to be careful not to neglect the spiritual disciplines that keep us close to God.

If life feels a little foggy right now it could be because your intimacy with God is lacking. Honest reflection over these questions is well worth it:

  1. What’s your prayer life like?
  2. Are you reading your Bible daily?
  3. Are you participating in corporate worship or are you being the lone ranger?
  4. Are you being fed spiritually at your church?
  5. Are you volunteering or serving anywhere?
  6. Are there some struggles with your flesh that you have been giving into lately?

Honest reflection on questions such as these is often times all it takes to lift the fog.

Knowing Your Purpose Clears the Fog

Other times it’s not that simple. There can be times when our path feels a little foggy because we are not on the path God wants us on. It is not uncommon for God to use foggy seasons in life to divert our path onto a better one He desires for us to be on. If we have become too dependent on our own sight, and our own understanding, it can cause us to miss out on the things God has planned for us. When this happens a foggy season may be just what we need.

Some questions to consider that might help you determine if this is the case in your foggy season:

  1. Do you know what your God given purpose is?
  2. If you don’t what are you doing to discover it?
  3. If you do what are you doing to fulfill it?
  4. Is your current course in life fulfilling your need for meaning and purpose?
  5. Is your current course fulfilling someone else’s need for meaning and purpose?
  6. Do you know what your spiritual gifts are?
  7. If yes, how are you putting them to use?Are you investing them as best as possible?
  8. If no, are you serving in a place that can help you discover your gifts?

When life seems a little foggy knowing your God-given purpose, and actively seeking to live it out, can be like a compass used to navigate in the dark when even the stars can’t be seen. It may not get you to the exact coordinates but it will keep you headed in the right direction.

Faith Will Clear the Fog

“Trust in the L ord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.” – Proverb 3:5-6, NASB

…And He will make your paths straight… says the text. But it starts with trust. Notice that it puts trusting God in direct antithesis with leaning on your own understanding. What does that tell us? Sometimes the path seems foggy because we are putting too much trust in our own understanding and not enough trust in the Lord.

The way we see and understand things is often not the same way God does and can often cause a lot of fog. We have to constantly seek to renew our minds through the word of God so that we know what the will of God is (Romans 12:1-2). But sometimes life can still get a little foggy for even the most devoted Bible student simply because we are human and it is hard to trust God at times with things we cannot see or understand.

Faith is not a complicated thing. In its purest form all it is simply trust. When we have faith that someone will do what they said they will do it is because we trust them. With God we are assured that we can always trust Him.

Martin Luther defined faith as acting on the promises of God. When the path is foggy and all else fails we have a book full of promises that we can act on knowing that God is faithful to keeps His promises. The promises of God can guide us through anything in life. Just requires a little bit of trust. You can never go wrong navigating with God’s promises as your guide posts and compass. Fog or no fog.

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