When Good Robs Us of Best

Something is good when it is beneficial. Something is best when it is most beneficial. This thought has been heavy on my heart all week. We too often settle for good while God longs to give us the best and I believe it breaks God’s heart. We allow good things to rob us of the best things. But why?

I think it’s because we’re so used to bad or worse things. Good is better than bad or worse but it is not the best. We get tired, worn out, looking for the slightest reprieve. So when something better than bad comes along we jump on it without a second though never realizing that we’re settling and God has something even better for us.

We live in a broken world and even those of us who have been privileged with the nicest comforts of life have been conditioned by the brokenness of our world. We’re used to living in broken systems, with broken people, under broken circumstances, while witnessing the affects of sin in our world on everything. So we settle for good things to help us cope with the brokenness. All the while God has the best things waiting for us to help us overcome the brokenness. There’s a big difference between coping and conquering.

The Bible says we are more than conquerors in Christ. We were created to rise above the brokenness, to walk on water while living in the storm, to be vessels of healing to our broken world. But we can’t do that when we settle for good simply because it’s better than the bad we’re accustomed to.

At the heart of all this is a fundamental trust issue. It is hard for us to sincerely believe in the goodness of God and trust Him to guide us to the best and wait patiently as He works us through the process of getting there. That’ll preach! Hallelujah!

God is good! Proclaim that to yourself everyday until your heart fully believes it. Don’t let the doubts get to you. Don’t let the enemy sell you lies. Don’t let your flesh rob you. Don’t settle for good when God has the best! Don’t let good rob you of the best!

It really all comes down to a matter of choice. Will you stay strong, focused, dedicated, patient in prayer and choose to believe in the goodness of God even when you don’t feel like things are all that good? It’s a conscious decision you have to continuously make throughout everyday.

You also have to set aside all your dependence on your own wisdom. The Proverb says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” (Prov. 3:5)

I think this has been so heavy on my heart because as I pray about entering a new chapter in my life I feel like God has been speaking to me, “You’ve seen good. But you haven’t seen My best yet. And you won’t see it as long as good is enough for you.” God will give us good and we can find ourselves content in it.

But maybe I’m not the only one God is calling to a deeper trust. To let go of good and follow Him into His best. There’s no way I can be the only one struggling with this and missing out on His best because I’ve become comfortable in the good things. Don’t let your comfort zones, your fears, your doubts, your trust issues rob you of the abundant life God seeks to give you. The best is yet to come. I believe this is a word for all of us.

Joseph Sterling

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