The Challenge of Loving Unconditionally

I wrote this article over a month ago. But this is a message God has kept on my heart ever since I wrote it. I’ve also had ample opportunity to put to practice what I preached here since I’ve written it. And in addition with all the cultural challenges facing the church now I believe this is a timeless but right on time message for us. It is well worth the read. Unconditional love requires us to love others on their terms, not ours. To meet them where there at. It does not require compromise of our beliefs and convictions. But it does require a healthy balance in how we communicate and express them. If our convictions aren’t expressed out of motives of pure Selflessness and genuine concern for other people’s well-being, then we might as well keep our mouths shut. Words not spoken in love need not be spoken even if they are truth. Without love we have nothing, are nothing and our words mean nothing.

Live Fearless

True unconditional love is a hard thing to give. It means being willing to love others on their terms and not yours while expecting absolutely nothing in return. It means completely disregarding any standards or expectations you may have for other people. Our expectations act as love conditioner. But unlike the kind of conditioner you put in your hair to make it healthier, expectations don’t condition love in a good way. They act as love conditioners because they make our love for others conditonal.

When others fail to meet our expectations and we withdraw our love even in the slightest way we have just moved from unconditional love to conditional love. Conditional love is based on our expectations and not on our sincerest regards for that person. Our attitude becomes, β€œI love you as long as you meet certain expectations.”

We may not always think of it consciously in this…

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