Petition to Ban U.S. Flag is Hoax

There has been a lot of buzz on the Internet about a petition going around, with supposedly over 10,000 signatures, to ban the American flag. Some websites have even coupled the story with the picture below and reported that the petition proposes to replace the American flag with the gay pride rainbow flag.


I’ve been watching social network news feeds all morning as they blow up with much heated debate over this petition. Well, you can relax if this has got you all worked up. And if you were in favor of it sorry to burst your bubble but the petition is not real.

It was social experiment conducted by conservative Mark Dice and posted on his YouTube channel. The full four minute video is included above. Niether did the petition have anything to do with the gay pride rainbow flag.

Mark Dice seems to be obsessed with proving the existence of the Illuminati, their soon coming new world order, and just how dumb the American people are. He has several videos on his YouTube channel where he is actually getting people to sign fake petitions for ridiculous things. Except the people signing don’t know it’s a fake petition.

The fake petition to ban the American flag was just another normal day for Mark. In the video Mark tells people that the purpose of the petition is to “issue a new American flag for a ‘New World Order’ because the current one is offensive to some immigrants and is associated with imperialism and racism.”

Mark’s interest in conducting this experiment was spurred by the new movement to remove the Confederate flag. He does (rather sarcastically) make mention to one petitioner signing the fake petition that the new flag will have something to do with a triangle (an Illuminati symbol) and a rainbow.

However, this gag petition was never even remotely related to the gay pride rainbow flag replacing the American flag. Someone some where simply took a funny YouTube video Β (or not so funny in any people’s opinion), put a little spin on it and watched the Internet blow up. So everyone can relax, calm down, because nobody is trying to replace the American flag.

Joseph Sterling

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