Pedestal Pedestrians

Blemishes repelling
Only to your image am I failing
Would I fall, if to you all
I wasn’t tall, but yet more small
Could it be, that what you see
Is not a result of what I be
But only in your eyes is what despised
Because, I was too highly prized
Over priced and what you bought
Is not truly what you thought
Now am I too small?
Check your eyes and you will find
I am human just like you
Lift me high and be surprised
My blemishes are repelling
Is it I, or just your sight
With vision right
My fall won’t seem some high
To your image I couldn’t live,
And now with me you do not give?
My blemishes may be repelling
But only in your image am I failing

Copyright © Lawrence Joseph Sterling 2017. All rights reserved.