Honoring God Through Valentine’s Day

I know Valentine’s Day is not by nature a day to honor the God-given value of women, nor does it have within itself any connection to God’s values and morals. Intrinsically it was designed to be a day in which we honor some fuzzy, vague, and emotional concept of “love.” Then, over time, it was commercialized to capitalize on people’s emotions for the sake of monetary gain.

Therefore, those of us who do not have a significant other whom we share this fuzzy and vague emotion with have a tendency to dislike Valentine’s Day. In fact, one friend of mine calls it “Happy Single Awareness Day.” Likewise, those of us who do have someone whom we share this fuzzy and vague emotion with also have a tendency to equally dislike the day because it’s just another day in which we’ll be in big trouble if we don’t dig deep into our pockets.

Valentine’s Day may not have any connection to God’s values and morals; but, what if we took a moment to use this day to reflect on and appreciate one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity – women. Just because the day doesn’t have any connection to a godly value system doesn’t mean we can’t change the way we see and approach this day in order to honor Him. Why should it be a day to honor the women in our lives? Well, after all, it is a day of “love” and one of the greatest needs of women is to feel and know they are loved. While, on the other hand, the need to feel respected is one of man’s greatest needs.

Because of this, it is natural that when this day rolls around men feel compelled to do something nice for their significant other. What if we moved our motives away from that of compulsion to that of gratitude and appreciation? What if we didn’t limit our gratitude and appreciation only to the concept of a “significant other.” Furthermore, not just gratitude and appreciation simply because she is somebody personally important to you; but gratitude and appreciation based simply on the value that God places on her as a woman. We could make this a much more meaningful day if we did this.

Then, those of us men who want to mope because we don’t have somebody to share this day with could stop all of our self-centered poutings and turn to our sisters, our moms, and our friends; and show them how grateful we are that God decided to bless this earth with Eve so that Adam would not be alone. We may not have that one special somebody but there are tons of special people all around us. Many of them are your friends and family who need to be reminded from time to time how much God loves and cherishes them.

To the men, I say use this day to lift up a prayer of thanksgiving to God for blessing us with Eve. To the women, I say use this day to lift up a prayer of adoration to God for how much He loves you and adores you. I do not think God will have any problem with us using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to sanctify the Lord in our hearts and honor Him.

Copyright © Lawrence Joseph Sterling 2017. All rights reserved.