A story that needs to be told


In this first volume of his memoir, Joseph reflects on the challenges of his early childhood that set him on a course to drugs, sexual addictions, violence, crime, and eventually prison. It is a story of redemption from a self-destructive path to faith in Jesus.

But this is not your typical drugs to Jesus story. Joseph’s story goes beyond religion to speak to the issues of our time with a unique personal candor few people are able to bring to the table.

It’s the story of a biracial teenager trying to figure out what it meant to be a half-black teen with white skin in the racially charged culture of the post-civil-rights era. It’s a story of childhood sexual abuse that led to sexual confusion few people understand. It’s a story of a son of middle-class America who chose to live outside the middle-class culture his father worked hard to provide for him and his brothers.

It’s the story of a theologically confused young man who hated God and blamed Him for the death of his first child. From victim to perpetrator, Joseph’s life’s experiences have enabled him to speak to a number of different issues in a very unique way and that’s exactly what he does here. Journey beyond the abstract conceptual debates of our societal tensions to see those tensions played out in the life of a child trying to find his place in a confusing culture.


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From the back cover:

0352 _bck_cvrMay 6, 2006. I walked into the Harris County Jail convinced my life was over. I was being charged with Aggravated Robbery. A crime that carries a prison sentence of five to life in Texas. And the District Attorney was leaning closer to a life sentence. Caught red-handed, I had no bargaining chips. I was entirely at the mercy of the D.A.

Even if the D.A. had mercy on me, I was convinced that I was right where I belonged. The world did not need someone like me running free on the streets. I had nothing good to offer anyone. I did nothing except leave a trail of pain and suffering everywhere I went.

There was something terribly wrong with me. After losing my child, there was a terrifying darkness inside of me. Everyone was safer with me right where I was. Part of me hoped the D.A. would never let me see the free world again. But God…

About the author:

joseph_sterling_001Mentor, preacher, evangelist, church planter and consultant, blogger, missionary, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Joseph is a millennial Christian whose life was radically transformed by the gospel after a miraculous encounter with Jesus in 2006 when he was twenty-years-old. Since then he has dedicated his life to serving Jesus however, whenever, and wherever God has given him the opportunity to. He has lived as an urban missionary since 2015 devoted to a minimalist nomadic lifestyle so that he is free to follow wherever the Lord leads to share the gospel, make disciples, and serve the body of Christ.

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